Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Zero wait time, ha!

2.5 hours at the DMV! I looked online at where to go, and it said the El Cerrito station had no wait time for appointments or walk-ns. Woo-hoo! So off Benny and I went.
Two and a half hours later I almost had one of the cars registered. I have to get a signature and then I also have to go back to do the drivers license part! If I had done the written test and gotten licensed today it would have easily been over 3 hours.
Benny was a trooper through it all. He didn't have any screaming fits but he did lie down in the middle of the cold hard floor for a bit.

I had decided the reason I don't get anything done is I usually decide to take a nap when Benny does :) So today I was going to be super productive during naptime instead. But after a morning like that, I think I need a nap too!


Court and Jill said...

Ugh! The DMV. What a joke. I would have opted for the nap after that too. So I read all your new posts and am glad to see pics. How are you liking CA?? What's your new life like? More details!!!

Jennifer said...

The lovely DMV! Probably my least favorite place ever. Glad to hear you made it to Cali safely.

Esther said...

The DMV reminds me of how efficient government run agencies are. I always use it as an example when talking to my inlaws about why I don't want the government running everything in my life (because for some reason they do).