Monday, March 29, 2010

Just Mom

First I was "Mama" when my baby started babbling and learning to talk. Then about a month ago he realized he could call me "Mommy," which I loved. I loved having a little mama's boy for a change. Now all too soon "mommy" is gone and he is all grown up, and I am just "Mom." He is 2. I thought he would call me "mommy" until he was at least 4 or 5. I thought I would have a baby a little longer. Overnight he grew up. Everything is "Benny do it." He goes potty on the big potty, not his little Elmo potty (when he does go on the potty, sigh). He talked to his Grandma Sue for a half hour by webchat the other day. He wakes up and finds his own breakfast. He might have a cavity (yes, Mom, he eats too much sugar). He plays on the computer. He is picky about what music he listens to and knows how to play CD's. He is particular about his clothes. He is reasonable and can compromise. He is a real little person.

And now I am just "Mom."

But the other day he put his arms around my neck and very seriously said, "Mom, I'm happy" and snuggled into my shoulder.

Being "Mom" may just be ok.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Job hunting... I know there are many others in this position right now. But I just really hate it. I have hand delivered 25 resumes, talked with 3 temp agencies, and called another 25 or so offices getting a good response from maybe half of them (a good response is "yeah, I guess you can go ahead and send us a resume if you want").

I don't really care that I am not working. The longer I'm off, the harder it is to get motivated. But money would be good, and so would a schedule.

Anyway, just putting it out there that I am TRYING

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Sickees

This poor kid is going soooo stir crazy! He was sick last week, and now I am sick, so we have been cooped up inside for a whole week. If I have to watch another episode of "Land Before Time" I'm going to pull my hair out! Anyway, after acting pretty crazy and getting on our last nerve today, he was pretty funny this evening.
He likes to streak. During his bath, I stepped out for a moment. I turn around to see tiny wet footprints and a naked body zooming past me and running back into the tub. Just glad he didn't slip and fall.
Then after his bath, he went potty in his special potty, proclaiming he now deserved a jelly bean as he once again went streaking down the hall.

Benny: (as he runs) "Naked boy!"
Me: (trying to wrestle and pick up a very heavy child) "Man you're huge"
Benny: (adamantly) "No, little!!"

Then after he was fast asleep, he came staggering out of his room with his eyes half closed looking very upset. I led him back to his room and put him in bed where he started mumbling something about Petrie spitting from, you guessed it, Land Before Time.

It was just a very entertaining night after a very "two-year-oldish" day. Poor little guy. Hopefully he will be able to get out tomorrow, even if it is just to get new tires on the car

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3 birthdays

Happy 2nd birthday, Benny! Er, happy 26th month birthday, Benny! Yeah, Jan 2nd was 2 months ago. But at least I did take pics on the real day(s).

Party #1 at Grandma Sue's in Utah over Christmas trip:

Party #2 in Willard, UT at my sister's family's house. We have an annual New Year's Bingo party, so we combined that and cousin Keelia's birthday all into one party (thanks for sharing your special day, Keelia!):

Party #3 in Pinole, CA after we got back from Utah. Grandpa Christensen didn't want to miss out on everything that happened in Utah, so they spent the actual birthday here:

I have never been to so many parties and seen so many presents all at one time like we did this Christmas.

(Info for myself for 2 year old Benny): He is still very big (35 pounds, 38 inches) and not slowing down. This is hard when he wants to be carried, or other people think he's older than he is and should be doing more than he is. But he is doing well. He has an incredible vocabulary. He is very sweet and caring and has such a mild and pleasant disposition, something you could see from the moment he was born. We get told over and over by other people what a good and obedient child he is, and I am very grateful for that as I have NO PATIENCE. Don't know what I'll do with a kid not like him. Although he is very stubborn and everything now is "Benny do it!" He is definitely all boy and loves to rough house, play with cars and noisy toys, jump in puddles, and kid around. He is really fun, funny and is always making us laugh. The other day he put on his dad's shoes and came walking into the kitchen and called out, "Mommy, I'm ready! I'm ready go store you!" He is also learning to say his nighttime prayers and it is so cute to hear. He knows his shapes, colors, and numbers to 10. We are working on potty training and he loves to "go potty on Elmo, get jelly bean!" He still loves cartoons and also wants a yard, so I am hoping to have a house in the not too distant future.
He is a great little boy, better than I could have ever hoped for, and I am grateful I have been able to be home with him the past 6 months.

4 Christmases

I did say I might blog about Christmas one day. Basically we were gone for 2 weeks.

We went to Lompoc to see my parents. Absolutely gorgeous day in Santa Barbara:

We went to Bakersfield to see Ben's dad and stepmom (they requested no pj's pics of themselves):

We went to Utah to see Ben's mom and the rest of my family:

It was tiring:

It was fun:

This is random, but which Asian looks meaner? My sister with her "resting face," or cousin-to-be with his "Korean smile?" I wouldn't mess with either of them