Monday, November 29, 2010

My bday & Thanksgiving 2010

So I had a birthday on Nov. 15th. Ben got me some lilies, I got a bunch of cards in the mail, I got tons of Facebook bday wishes, and I got flowers from work. And I got 3 cakes: one from a ward member we had over for dinner, one my sister Kimiko made (which was very cute), and one from work. Ben and I still have yet to go out and celebrate as scheduling has been kind of hard latel.
Kimiko's cake

For Thanksgiving we went to Bakersfield to see Ben's dad and stepmom before turkey day, then headed over to Lompoc to my parents' for turkey day itself. Kimiko's family was also at my parents', so our kids got to run around together and make messes. And then we left because as of this moment, my parents, a sister and a brother are all on their way to Hawaii. Stinkers. OK, we really left because Ben had to speak in church, and it also was nice he had his bigscreen at home to watch the BYU game (although the game didn't end up being worth it).
A tired and grouchy Benny after lunch with Grandpa & Grammy Middleton

On our drive home to the Bay Area, we stopped in Morro Bay for a couple hours. It was a very nice day, not too freezing or windy. We took Benny to the aquarium and he got to feed the sea lions. Way better and cheaper than Sea World! As far as the feeding goes, that is. The rest of the aquarium, not so much.

We waited for lunch for an hour, but the view was nice. Benny is deliriously tired by now

I think this was my favorite part. Benny always wants a big sucker when we go sightseeing, and we won't let him have one. This time we decided he had earned a "big, huge sucker, please, please" so he is enjoying it here above....

...and not 2 minutes later he faceplanted on the sidewalk, leaving this much of the sucker. He cried, not because he hurt himself, but because sucker bits were all over the sidewalk. I was kinda happy about the new size though since he definitely didn't need all that candy.

Once again, Benny is overly tired and in need of a nap here
The Sunday before Thanksgiving my parents came up, even though we were going to see them 3 days later. When we found out Ben would be in the Bishopric at church, we asked my dad if he would come up and ordain Ben as a High Priest. They were in Utah at the time, and are now leaving for Hawaii, but they didn't hesitate about rearranging some plans in the middle and making the last minute trip up here to support us. We really appreciate all our parents and all they do for us.

So, I think this Thanksgiving season, I am most thankful for family. They bake you cakes. They read your blog. They answer the phone when you want to just blab. They do anything you ask them to do if you need help. They buy you 7 containers of hot chocolate and sauces you can't get in California and bring it to you. They send cards for holidays, even if they're late. They tell you things you need to hear, even if you don't want to hear them. And they always support you, even if you don't feel you deserve it.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving season and remembers to be grateful. No matter how much we have or don't have, everyone has something to be thankful for, something I continuously work on to remember.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Everybody Needs a Friend

Benny and his 3 best friends

Look at me, getting all reflective and stuff.

Several weeks ago, my sister and I went to help with a Saturday night church dinner for the women in the area. We didn't really want to help, but no one else would volunteer, so off we went. We probably didn't even help that much once we were there, and it was really hot. I hate being hot. So there we were with a bunch of old ladies filling water glasses.

We found out we wouldn't have to help the whole time and would get to enjoy the dinner, so we went to put our purses down at a table and hopefully reserve it for us and our friends. To my surprise, one of the older ladies we were working with asked where we were putting our stuff so she could put hers there too. I kind of chuckled to myself that they would want to sit with us instead of with people their age.

Once our "younger" friends showed up they came over and let us know that they were all at "The Younger Table" and were waiting for us. I smiled and said we were fine where we were, and thank you. She gave me a confused look and returned to her table.

I realized that there doesn't have to be the "young table" and the "old table." The women we sat with didn't have children at home anymore, one was widowed, and another single altogether and I am not sure of her story. They just wanted to have a fresh conversation with a friend. They just wanted to feel included, too.

And we had a great time. They are all great women. Many times we have to get out of our comfort zone because, young or old, everybody needs a friend.

Utah Trip Oct. 2010

My memory of the trip is a little foggy by now. But the 2nd weekend in October we decided to take a quick trip, the reasons being threefold: My niece was blessing her baby, and I REALLY wanted to see the tiny little girl (although not so tiny after just 2 months), my Grandma recently had a stroke and we wanted to visit with her, and we needed to get some dental work done. Bad. (My old boss made it worth our while to travel to Utah and get all the work done there than to do it at THE OFFICE I WORK AT here in Cali. That said it is a good office and a very nice dentist).

We were worried that with it being such a quick trip it would only be exhausting (leave Thurs night and be back to work 8:00 am Monday, driving 12 hours each way) and not fun, but it proved very worthwhile. Even with Benny puking all over the car on the way we made it.

We were able to stay in Provo with our friends Steve and Adrienne and their family. They made yummy food for us the whole time.

Then we went to my old office and got our dental work done. It was really nice to see everyone and even made me miss my old job. My friend Kristen met up with us and we went to Cafe Rio. Oh how I have missed thee (you too, Kristen).
All this time Benny is out with his Grandma Sue having the time of his life. Apparently they went to the mall where he got some nice professional portraits taken. Then they went to lunch. Then they went to Trafalga with the entire family on Ben's side the rest of the afternoon. I feel kind of bad we weren't in on the fun or to get any pictures with them, but Ben and I did get to spend the whole day together on our dental date and shopping:)

I have missed Winger's so much and made everyone on my side go to dinner there with us once we got up to the Brigham City area. (no, the whole trip was not about food)

My grandma's house in Brigham City

Benny and his "Grape Grandma" (great Grandma)

She is doing really well and it was good to see her and my uncle.

Benny holding his 1st baby, his 2nd cousin Alison

This one is random but I came home one night and Ben and Benny were just lying in our bed hanging out. I asked Benny why he wasn't in bed yet and he said he was going to sleep in my bed with Daddy and I could go sleep in his bed. So that is exactly what I did!

Two peas in a pod. Watching sports and eating ice cream in bed.

So that's it. We'll probably go back again sometime:)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween 2010

I'm not even going to bother to put them in order.
Thursday the 28th we had a moms and kids party at a friend's house during the day. Saturday we did Trunk or Treat and games at the church and the kids trick or treated in all the classrooms. Sunday my sister Kimiko had a few of us over for dinner instead of trick or treating. Benny has definitely gotten use of his costume and still wears his hat everday.

Benny and Mayumi at our house after church Trunk or Treat.

Benny and me at Trunk or Treat taking a "time out" (for me. I wanted to punch all the older crazy, rude kids)

My sis Kimiko, Dan and Mayumi

Benny and his best friends from church. He was thrilled they both got to be fire fighters.

Another friend from church. Notice the funny look on his face as they hold hands. She is hilarious.