Friday, November 25, 2011

Slumber party

Since my sister is out of town, her family said my parents could stay at their place and have the house to themselves. When Benny found out Grandpa and Grandma were leaving our house, he decided he wanted to go with them. We let them have a couple hours to themselves and then sent him over to spend the night. We have no idea how it went and will find out in the morning I guess, but it was so cute how excited he was. He's all dressed up in his pj's with his special pillow and blanket (which he stole from me; my mom made them for me when I was little), ready to go. When did he get so grown up?
Oh yeah, I forgot to write down the latest Bennyisms:
-We were talking about Christmas and giving, and Ben said something about Benny sharing and giving someone a gift.
His response: "Why would I give them a present? I'm not Santa Claus."
Guess we need to work on the meaning of giving with him.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Let's see. We've been super busy but not with anything exciting or fun. We moved last weekend into a small apartment here in Hercules so my mom has been here helping. The poor woman came a week before the move to help clean and pack since I was 36 weeks pregnant. Then she stayed another week to help unpack and clean and watch Benny. Then at that point my dad said since Thanksgiving was just another 5 days away, she may as well stay and he'd come up to get her and spend Thanksgiving with us. She will have been here a minimum of 3 weeks when she goes home. She will probably never want to visit again! But we really appreciate all her help and we did have a nice Thanksgiving dinner today. I did none of the cooking except the gravy which was gross. Everything else turned out well, even the pumpkin pie which had 3 incorrect ingredients.
Yesterday I was too lazy to cut Benny's hair and took him to Great Clips to pay way too much for a trim. But he's always so cute when he sits in that big chair. He always has such a serious look on his face.
My birthday was last week, and we had boxes everywhere in the apartment. It was exhausting unpacking all week but I did have a good day. Ben spoiled me and got me flowers and a card to a spa for some pampering. Then we were able to go out for lunch on Saturday to my favorite restaurant, the Cheesecake Factory. So this pic is of me with a ginormous belly, as people are very eager to point out, at the end of the day on my birthday.
And, this last one is me today, Thanksgiving day, with 2 weeks left before I am due. I'm doing pretty well when my back and pelvis aren't killing me. I haven't gained much weight, and I'm not super swollen. My nose has spread a little which never looks good on anyone, but I'm still wearing normal jeans and didn't get any new stretch marks. It's been exhausting but I really can't complain. No one said pregnancy is easy, and we are very grateful to have Benny and now this little girl. Everything has gone pretty textbook with growth being spot on as well. So even though people say I'm "extremely large," I'm right where I should be. The one thing I worry about is the drama girls bring. And this one has been CRAZY from the beginning. We had to do her ultrasound 3 times to see everything we needed to see. And inside my belly has been a constant circus. They tell you to do "kick counts" during active periods during the day. I have to do the opposite and see if there are any NON-active periods during the day, or night. She is one constant ball of movement. There is hardly a time I cannot see or feel something going on in my tummy. All that said, we're just about ready. The doctor said any day at this point will be the day. I think I overdid it with all the moving and have had a lot of contractions and dilating. He said if she hasn't come by next week, 39 weeks, I can just go ahead if I want to if I am worried about size since Benny was fairly good size. We'll see. I kind of want to spend a little time with Benny before she gets here since the past couple weeks have been so crazy. So that's where we are! Still here.