Monday, November 30, 2009

Another Benny-ism

Benny and I were in line at $Tree today. He loudly announces "Excuse me, I tooted!"
I don't even know where he learned that word. At least he is a polite 23 month old.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Little Things

I had a day the other day where several nice things happened, and I thought about how we really are blessed. I wanted to write them down to remind me so I wouldn't forget.
And because I dind't act right away, of course I have forgotten. Why is it so easy to remember and focus on the negative, but so difficult to see the good? We're quick to look at the things we don't have, and slower to see what we do have.

Well unfortunately I cannot remember everything, but one thing I am really thankful for is my sweet niece. She called from Utah to say she had been thinking of me and felt like she needed to ask me if we wanted her camera. I have an old, slow camera, but a camera nonetheless, so when my brother was out visiting he gave his camera to my niece Mariko. I really want to replace mine with something better but can't afford it. Mariko said she isn't really using the camera and would be happy to send it to me.

Just one of the little things that put a smile on my face

Friday, November 13, 2009

Time for a toddler bed?

Today Benny made an enormous mess in the kitchen. I stuck him in his crib for damage control while I cleaned up. While I was gone he stunk up his diaper, so I told him we needed to change it before his nap.
He immediately climbed effortlessly up onto his changing table which is connected to his crib and laid down.
Now when did he learn how to do that?

Of mice and gum

Warning: lots of talk about my child
We have had a small rodent issue the past week or two. We were able to get rid of Rouse. Ben took him outside, still alive. Well, he either came back or one of his friends came over, but we saw one more. So we thought we better go for the kill this time. I bought some mouse traps and had them semi-strategically placed; placed well for the mouse, and semi-hidden from small hands.
Yesterday morning I was in the kitchen and heard a "snap!" followed immediately by crying. I just went "oh no" inside and fond Benny running toward me with a mouse trap stuck to his finger. I felt terrible, especially as he is so good about these things and gets over them quickly (although I'd probably feel really bad if he cried and cried forever, too). I removed the trap, he said "sharp! ouchie!", had me kiss it better, and went on his merry way. All day he would say "ouch!" if he happened to see it again (out of the way and not active).

When Ben got home, I told him of the morning, and of course he felt bad that we had left the trap where small hands could reach it. Not long after this conversation we heard another snap followed by crying. Even with all the "ouchie" talk all afternoon, Benny found the one remaining trap and had to have it removed from his other hand. 2 traps in one day! I feel terrible but it was also kind of amusing because he is so cute about these kinds of things. The funniest is that whenever he gets hurt, I give him a hug and tell him I'm sorry that happened. So now whenever he gets hurt, he says "I sorry, I sorry."

Now on to the gum portion. Benny LOVES mints and often is scavenging in my purse for anything he can eat. I have told him in the past not to eat gum as it is yucky for his tummy. That doesn't stop him from eating it, though. I got out of the shower to find an entire package of gum wrappers on my bed, with Benny proudly proclaiming, "Gum! Yucky!" I asked him if he ate all that gum, and he, without hesitation, announced "Yeah!" Like, of course, Mom, what do you think I did with all that gum. I cleaned everything up, told him not to eat anymore, and then noticed something in his mouth as I turned to leave.
Me: Benny, what's in your mouth?
Benny: Gum!
So enthusiastic, he is.

And this is just a cool pic at that awesome children's museum in Sausalito

Saturday, November 7, 2009


I am having the worst day. This stupid hcg diet doesn't even work for me. My body is resistant to losing weight:(

Anyway, the thing that made my day was my husband. He was watching the BYU game, and if you know Ben, he is an AVID BYU FAN. You do not mess with his games.
Well it was time for Benny to take a nap and he said he wanted a book first, and he wanted his dad to read it to him. When I told him Dad was busy, Ben came right out, read Benny his book, and put him down for his nap. He really likes that little boy.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


That is the name Ben gave our new house guest. Well he wasn't really even invited. Or maybe he is a she. Anyway, Rouse the mouse made his/her presence known tonight of all nights. We have been going back and forth trying to decide what to do about our living arrangement as our lease ends the end of this month. Then I had a bit of a money moment today and in a panic told God I would just shut up about this apartment and appreciate having a place to live.
So I came home and decided to renew the lease. In the middle of signing I spotted Rouse running across the living room floor. Ironic, or a sign? Oh brother.
At least he's kind of cute.