Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Mask

This boy.  As you may recall, he is an arcade claw master.  This was his prize.  I thought he'd give it away to a girl.  I was wrong.

July 4th

Another July, another birthday.  This year Ben just wanted to play it low key.  It's pretty much his last year he can get away with doing nothing since Benny is old enough to want to celebrate holidays.  So he slept in, played with the kids, and celebrated at home.  He once again requested Hawaiian food, so I made teriyaki beef and chicken (the beef sadly ended up tasting like beef jerky), kalua pork, and some noodle thing with char siu pork that has no name.  I should probably name it.

He also didn't make it to any Warriors games this year:( But he did need a nice new Warriors shirt before moving from the area.

We went to the park and Benny said it had been a great day:) Then Ellie had the most enormous blowout yet and Benny then said it was the worst day ever, so who knows.  I thought it was a good day.
Then we went to the ghetto and watched fireworks.  One thing I will appreciate in Utah is the warm summer nights.  We were so freezing we sat in the back of the car and watched out the back window.  Both kids stayed awake the entire time but fell asleep immediately on the way home.  And we all slept in today.  Ben even let me sleep in till 11:)

We felt kind of bad for turning down invites to do stuff, especially when we are leaving in a few weeks, but it really was a nice day together as a family.  Being jobless for two months does have its perks; we'll try to hit a few more fun spots together before Ben has to go back to work.