Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bringing it back

"It" would be "our family."  "Back" would be "the state of Utah."

As I mentioned in the previous post, we went to Utah for a job interview.  As I also mentioned, we didn't see a ton of friends and family because we knew we were going back.  It is so crazy how all this played out and I am not sure that Ben wants me to share everything.  So I will just say that it has been another ride and faith promoting experience, and proof that God is definitely in charge with our best interests at heart.

We didn't plan on moving back to Utah once we got out here to California.  We don't miss the snow at all and we enjoy the coast.  Sure the Bay Area isn't my favorite place in the world, but I didn't quit my job, sell our house, and pick up everything just to turn around and go right back.  We knew there was no way we could afford to live in Utah on a teacher's salary. We did miss family, but we had some here and made a lot of friends at church.

Ben had been on the lookout for a job for over a year.  He applied to quite a few here and there throughout California and in Utah just for kicks. We had been praying for direction in finding the right job at the right time. Then about 2 months ago he said he felt like we really needed to go back to Utah.  I of course thought he was crazy since it just didn't make sense at all in the financial scheme of things, but I trust him and figured he was right.

We have been left hanging in more ways than one and the past couple months have been really stressful.  But Ben finally accepted a job at Clear Horizons Academy in Provo (now moved to Orem) and will start in August.  I have no idea how it worked out financially as that also doesn't make sense. Well, I do know-- it's a miracle and huge blessing. We will in no way be wealthy but we won't starve like we formerly thought.  It's a private school, not public, which makes a big difference. We'll still want to look at supplementing Ben's income a little. But it truly is another miracle and I will have to write more of the details in my journal.

I've told people I have mixed emotions.  I think I disappointed my mother-in-law when she realized we weren't jumping for joy at moving.  But I do want to try to focus more on not having mixed emotions and just being glad for the opportunity, glad that God is mindful of us, and glad to go because that is where we feel we need to be.  I will miss the coast and the people of the Hilltop 2nd Ward.  They truly have been our family and we have had so many wonderful experiences here.  But I guess it is time to go and have more different experiences. I am reminded once again that with God, all things are possible. I wish I'd stop forgetting that.

June fun

 I will just start by saying we had a nice June.  The "cool Bay weather" has, as usua,l been warm and I have taken the kids swimming at our pool several times.  We went to Utah to visit a bit of family while Ben had a job interview.  We didn't make the rounds to everyone because we didn't want to stress and knew we'd most likely be back soon and could spend more time then.
The next few pics are from our trip to Utah. We first went up north and stayed at my sister Janice's house for a few days to let Benny play and visit with my Grandma Christensen.  I thought she looked really good and we had an enjoyable time.

Then we went to Lehi for Ben's interview in Provo.  We celebrated Grandma Sue's birthday and spent time with the cousins that live there. Benny once again had a blast and we also got to be there for our nephew Eli's bday.
 My sister Helen and her two girls were also kind enough to drive out from Stockton/Tooele and visit us for dinner and swimming at our hotel. They're always full of laughs.

My sister Kimiko had her baby, Lilli June, while we were gone. I was so bummed to miss it.  But she is a cutie and a sweetie.  My sister Janice and 3 of her 4 kids came out to see the baby and head down to visit my parents.  Benny adores his 11 year old cousin Connor and they play, play, PLAY when they get together.  It's really fun that even though there is such an age gap, Connor is so good to him.  Benny loves being able to play boy games (bad guys, etc) with Connor. We enjoyed having Janice, Jacqi (who will have a little baby boy in the fall!), Carson (who just graduated high school!) and Connor for the weekend. And it was funny as we had just seen them less than a week ago.

(Benny, Lilli, Connor)

And we have gone swimming on the hot days.  With no a/c a dip in the pool really feels good.  Even Ellie loves it.  I wish I had a good shot of her adorable swimsuit from Grandma Sue.

And on to July where we will have even more adventures.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer fun

Really nothing much to say about these.  Just the kids having fun at our apartment.
Ellie is one constant happy ball of chub.  She'll be 6 months old in 2 days. 
 Benny is an energetic 4 year old.
They adore each other.