Tuesday, March 2, 2010

4 Christmases

I did say I might blog about Christmas one day. Basically we were gone for 2 weeks.

We went to Lompoc to see my parents. Absolutely gorgeous day in Santa Barbara:

We went to Bakersfield to see Ben's dad and stepmom (they requested no pj's pics of themselves):

We went to Utah to see Ben's mom and the rest of my family:

It was tiring:

It was fun:

This is random, but which Asian looks meaner? My sister with her "resting face," or cousin-to-be with his "Korean smile?" I wouldn't mess with either of them


Steven & Adrienne said...

You should know from experience with me that the Korean is meaner...hee hee. But Kimiko sure does look mad. Cute pics of all you guys!

Erin said...

Oh your sis for sure!! :) Looks like you guys had a really busy holiday. And happy late birthday to little Bennie. What a cutie pie.