Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Sickees

This poor kid is going soooo stir crazy! He was sick last week, and now I am sick, so we have been cooped up inside for a whole week. If I have to watch another episode of "Land Before Time" I'm going to pull my hair out! Anyway, after acting pretty crazy and getting on our last nerve today, he was pretty funny this evening.
He likes to streak. During his bath, I stepped out for a moment. I turn around to see tiny wet footprints and a naked body zooming past me and running back into the tub. Just glad he didn't slip and fall.
Then after his bath, he went potty in his special potty, proclaiming he now deserved a jelly bean as he once again went streaking down the hall.

Benny: (as he runs) "Naked boy!"
Me: (trying to wrestle and pick up a very heavy child) "Man you're huge"
Benny: (adamantly) "No, little!!"

Then after he was fast asleep, he came staggering out of his room with his eyes half closed looking very upset. I led him back to his room and put him in bed where he started mumbling something about Petrie spitting from, you guessed it, Land Before Time.

It was just a very entertaining night after a very "two-year-oldish" day. Poor little guy. Hopefully he will be able to get out tomorrow, even if it is just to get new tires on the car


Lori said...

So sorry that cute Benny is not feeling well! What a cute little boy! Naked boy I should say.... ; )

Kristi said...

Sounds like you are having more success with potty training than we are. We might have to pull out the jelly beans!!! If you have any tips let me know. I love streaking babies!!!

kimiko said...

Oooh, I like the new design and the new photos! I wasn't criticizing your blog the other day. I was just asking questions. I hope you didn't feel bad.

Benny is so funny! I'm sorry he's so sick. Ami wishes him to get better soon.

Steven & Adrienne said...

Such cute stories, I could just picture you trying to wrestle that big boy LOL...I can't believe he is already potty training...Tyson has no desire what so ever...I can only wish.