Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weekend with grandparents

This little boy of mine sure can keep himself busy! The other day he was being awfully quiet, and I found him sitting in this tote with his pillow, reading his "Walter the Farting Dog" book.
He also likes to "dust" which is vacuuming, sweeping or mopping. I sure hope he keeps it up when he gets older.
So anyway, yeah, my parents came up for the weekend to visit. They hadn't been to San Francisco for awhile and hadn't seen their youngest grandson in a few weeks, so we got together. It was nice to have them here and Benny sure enjoyed them.
We went to Fisherman's Wharf and had clam chowder on the bay and watched all the interesting people. We went to Ghirardelli Square and got chocolate and yummy waffle cones. And then we went home and went to Wal Mart he he. I know the Wal Mart part doesn't sound very exciting but it actually kind of is. Our Wal Mart is part of the mall, like JC Penny or Sears, and it has 2 levels. You push your cart around and then either take it in the elevator or send it up the escalator on some sort of pulley thingie. I died laughing the first time I saw it.

Benny enjoyed reading books with his Grandpa and eating LOTS of junk. I don't know how much chocolate my dad and Benny ate this weekend. In this pic of him eating ice cream at the table, he got all excited when he saw my dad eating some and ran and sat down and exclaimed, as clear as anything, "I like chocolate!" It was too funny. He busts out with some pretty amazing language and we have to be careful now what we say because his talking has really taken off.
The last picture is a bay front walk not too far from our apartment. We don't live on the open ocean, it's more of a marshy bay, but there are some really nice walking trails and parks.

We had a fun time and hope to do it again soon! We will have Ben's mom out here next month, so we'll probably have some more clam chowder and sour dough. Yum

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kimiko said...

Oooh, you didn't tell me about your fancy Walmart. I want to go there! You should take a picture next time and post it.