Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This summer

I know my posts aren't exactly in order. I am just trying to keep track of things though and write them down (journaling) so they are recorded somewhere for the time being.
We had a crazy summer with trying to sell the house, packing, working, family get togethers, and weddings. Everything fell into place for everyone though and we had some fun times.
After my niece Jacqui's wedding, Ben and I went up to Willard to spend some time with family as my brother Allan was here from St. Louis. We only see him every few years or so. We went to Willard Bay and spent the afternoon in the water and watching the kids have fun.

Then, of course, we had to eat so we went to my sister Janice's house for some great food as usual. Grandma (my dad's mom) came over and the newlyweds came back from their honeymoon, so we had a nice dinner with quite a few of the family including my mom, brother Allan, sister Janice's family, sister Kimiko's family and brother Frank's family.

Fast forward now to after the move to California. We took Benny to the Oakland zoo our first weekend here. Boy was it not fun. We were having a heat wave and it was soooo HOOOT. I about melted. Benny was super tired and grouchy. He is frowning in all of these pictures, and the one on the ground is the fit he threw in the amphibian house. I finally got one on film as no one believes this sweet little boy throws tantrums.
Well at least we have a memorable experience of our first weekend in California.

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Wynette said...

Kari: isn't it great that we can still hear what you are doing and see pictures of your adventures. we will probably know more about your family now then when you lived in Orem! So fun to see how things are. I am sad we did not get to say good-bye. Thanks for the great coverage! I wish I could load pictures like yours. Do I have the wrong blog host or do I just not know how? Love you!