Monday, September 28, 2009

We're in trouble

This child. He is all boy. This is what we woke up to this morning, minus the pillow and blanket:

If you can't tell what's going on, he is naked and sitting on top of his changing table. Well, not completely naked; he did leave his diaper on. Why he took off his clothes, I am not sure. This situation would have been funny if he was just naked. It would have been funny if he was just stuck on his changing table. But the combination of being naked and stuck was too much and I couldn't stop laughing. Ben stayed home sick today and I made him get out of bed to come see what this little monkey was doing.

Benny got up and was kind of talking and hanging out, so I let him be for awhile and stayed in my cozy bed. Finally he started crying, so I went in to get him. I saw his clothes on the floor and he was sitting "Indain style" on the changing table! He had this look on his face like "oops, I did something and now I am stuck." I picked him up and he just gave me hugs and hugs and hugs. I think he felt kind of dumb and scared and was glad he was ok. I was glad he was ok! He wanted his pillow and blanket, so I did what every normal mom would do: I gave them to him, set him back on the changing table, and ran and got the camera.


Court and Jill said...

No way! He is brave...that is so funny!

Steven & Adrienne said...

That is hillarious...and Tyson takes his clothes off too...the bad part is when he is outside and does it and is running around in his diaper...then we look like white trash.

mom2JJ said...

I love it...just wait. Maybe this is just the beginning. Maybe next time the diaper will be off too!

Esther said...

That's cute! I am impressed that he took off his clothes. I still can't get Jordan to try to take his shirt off. He just tells me to help him without even trying. Not sure why. It is funny how little kids love to climb things. Braden is going through that now (just not as high luckily).