Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kamri turns 1

Today my niece's little girl had her first birthday party. We helped them celebrate in Ogden at a gorgeous little park hidden in the city. Since my sisters and her kids got all the talent in the family, this is the cake my niece made:

Benny enjoyed running around and looking at stuff:

He especially enjoyed the icy Ogden river running through the park. Our feet were numb from the cold, but he wouldn't get out!

And here is the sweet birthday girl enjoying her cake. Mmmm.. Messy and yummy

It's been nice having so much family close by to enjoy these kinds of events. Now that we are leaving, I think the reality that we will not be able to go to everything is settling in and people are inviting us to do stuff every weekend. It's kind of nice for our egos to be wanted, and it will be sad to have to miss stuff. So we are just enjoying everything now!


Jennifer said...

That cake is amazing! Almost too beautiful to slice. Yum!

Manoj and Marie Mathew said...

I know how you feel about leaving family. We used to do Sunday dinners and birthday dinners all the time and now we are too far away. Makes you appreciate your family that much more, though!

Esther said...

Wow I can't believe how amazing that cake is! You niece really is skilled!

I can understand how your family would want to do as much as possible with you before you leave. I was so sad when Clairy moved back east and so excited when she move back to UT last year. Now our kids can do so much more together and be good friends. I bet your family is really going to miss having you close!

josh and jacqs said...

Oh my gosh...look at that cake!! so cute! And everytimeI see BennyI just want to squeeze him he is so cute