Saturday, August 3, 2013

House pics

I need some major catch up, but for now, some have requested pics of the house we are buying. They are just quick snapshots from when we did the home inspection last week.

 Dining area, obviously.

 Kitchen, which one day I will have to figure out how to expand.

 Master bath

 Master bed

 Benny's room which we will paint
 Living room into kitchen


 Play structure will be left behind for us

 Basement "bedroom." You will see from the pic below there is no door

 Basement study looking into "bedroom." The closet we are looking at is also the cold storage, so kind of a weird setup.
The bedroom also has a bathroom.

 Basement study which has daylight exit to backyard.

 Basement family room looking into study.

 Coming down the stair into the hall toward family room.

Living room again

Unfortunately I didn't get a shot of the front of the house. It's a cute neighborhood all named after fruit trees. There are a couple little parks nearby, and it's always breezy so the heat didn't seem quite as bad.
We look forward to moving in the end of next month if all goes well


Court and Jill said...

So cute, Kari! Congrats !

Lori said...

congrats!!!! So excited for you guys. though i know the old ward will be sad to have you leave! hope to see you at costco sometime! stop by again sometime since you know where i am!

Jennifer said...

Cute house! And love the bonus play structure.

Kristi said...

Congrats!!! What a cute home! We have loved the playset that was left for us. That's always a nice bonus! One thing we don't like about the homes in Alabama is that none of them have basements, so I am quite jealous of your basement!!!